With comforts and unrivaled services and amenities take advantage of the best available facilities in the area. Without having to personally enquire of the facilities we simplify your search by displaying some of the features:

24 hour Wi-Fi, CCTV surveillance, Water purifier, Scooty parking, Pure veg. food

Along with the above facilities mentioned we give you the details of some of the service that we are currently providing in Basera Girls PG. The meal consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner with evening tea. If the boarder remains absent during the meal hour there will be no deduction of fees also if caretaker or cook is absent then the inmates should adjust themselves however the management will sort out your problem. If you want extra service adding to your comforts like washing clothes or other personal needs then an extra charge should be given after consulting the management.

Pure Veg Food

What makes our pg different is the quality of food that we provide because, for us health comes first. We provide only vegetable food wite Rice, Roti etc. The owner personally checks the quality of the food and maintains a routine so that the menu is not repeated very often. We provide both hot and cold filtered water and running hot water during winters.

CCTV Security Surveillance

Prioritizing women safety, we have provided CCTV at our paying guest. Under 24*7 surveillances, there will be no issues relating to security. With the increasing number of incidents of theft, molestation, and etc women are always under the pressure and worried. They look for places which are safe and trustworthy. When the question of safety was asked to some of our inmates, the reply was certain, they didn´t want to compromise on it and feel really safe at our pg. We have installed CCTV at the crucial areas keeping in mind the privacy of the boarders. The boarders need not bother about the CCTV footage as these are under the direct observation of the management and hence will not be mishandled.

Wi-Fi Facility

The life of today´s people depends entirely on internet. Almost everyone is connected with their friends and families on social media and is always online. The fact is internet actually can enhance your knowledge and help you out with your academics and professional issues. So with wi-fi round the clock, make the most of it. With fast-forward thinking our motive is to give our boarders the best possible facilities. We understand that now-a-days students are always worried about their projects and other activities in school which requires access to internet for having in-depth details on the particular subject. Internet is useful not only for student even the professionals access the internet for keeping up with the changing trended. With 24-hour wi-fi, facility spends your leisure time for something productive.

Scooty Parking Facilities

With the increasing number of shopping malls and building in a town like Siliguri, there is a huge scarcity of parking vehicles. And scooty being the trendsetter has become girls´ favorite accessory. Almost every girls´ possess scooty of their own and prefer to carry them wherever they go, like one of their personal belongings. Although most of them are worried about the security and parking facility. Well, Basera Girls PG understands all your needs and provides parking facility for your scooty. Feel like home and let us handle your issues.

Livpure Water Purifier

As we have already mentioned that health is our first concern we have installed water purifier in our residence lessening the burden of boarders to take boiled water. With the numerous harmful diseases evolving each day, with intake of contaminated water being the main reason behind it we insist the boarders to take filtered water. Waterborne disease can range from no physical impact to severe illness or even death. No need to spend extra bugs for buying mineral water or compromise with your health.

Emergency Power Backup

In this competitive market you cannot afford to lose a single minute doing nothing and without electricity life nearly stops. With electricity failures occurring every now and then, students are seem to be mostly affected. During exam time students cannot study properly which can adversely affect their career. Being in Siliguri we cannot ignore the temperature during summer and with no electricity life becomes simply miserable. Well Basera Girls PG has covered this aspect also. We have 24-hour electricity back-up so that our boarders get a better life. We have almost provided every facility that you get in..

Separate Study Hall

Separate study Hall is an independent unit in respects to its internal administration under the overall supervision of wardens and the PG management. There is a separate study hall with modern study chairs, a spacious dormitory with two tier cot system and individual cabins to keep ones belonging.

Separate TV and Dinning Hall

Each block has separate dining hall with LED Colour Televission, which serves south Indian, north Indian and Rajasthani Veg. Food. The caterers are well experienced and prepare food in modern kitchen stressing the importance to hygiene and good taste. A dining mess committee consisting of students gives the hostel menu.